Public Speaking and leadership communication Coach

Public Speaking and leadership communication Coach

Public Speaking and leadership communication CoachPublic Speaking and leadership communication Coach

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My Experience

Jill Slye is a Harvard University Extension School Instructor, and also conducts seminars for the Harvard School of Dental Medicine MMSc students. Jill teaches both graduate and undergraduate students with diverse backgrounds from around the globe. Her courses range from the Fundamentals to  Advanced Public Speaking.   Jill's twenty nine years of business experience in leadership, sales, management and marketing provides the basis for her understanding of her audience, and enhances her ability to relate to her clients and students.


My Approach

When presenting or speaking to large, medium or small groups many of us miss out on the opportunity to connect with our audiences through give and take. Public speaking is not a one-sided means of communication, but an effective exchange of information between two or more individuals. Jill Slye teaches her inspirational platform that takes public speaking to a new level of comfort, allowing the presenter to successfully reach the audience. In both individual and group settings, Jill coaches Leaders, Top Executives, Salespeople, Managers, High School, College and Phd Students, and others to successfully deliver their message.


Why A Sounding Board?

Communication is unique to each person. Being yourself and getting your message across, while trying to read feedback from an audience, can seem nearly impossible. By breaking the process down and helping you to develop your own comfortable style, the fear of public speaking can be overcome. The only barrier to successfully communicating with others is the one we create ourselves. I am excited to enthusiastically illustrate the successful roadmap to sharing your message and connecting with your audience.​

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Pubic Speaking Coaching for large and small groups 

Executive Communication 

Business Presenting 

Programs for Youth 

Courses Taught at Harvard Extension School

Fall- Advanced Public Speaking and Professional Presenting (Online with one on campus weekend at Harvard University)

January Term- Fundamentals of Public Speaking 

Spring- Advanced Public Speaking and Professional Presenting (On Campus) & Fundamentals of Public Speaking (Online with one on campus weekend at Harvard University)

Summer Session I -Fundamentals of Public Speaking 

Professional Development Programs- April, June, August, October and December. 


​"Jill is a wonderful teacher and it was certainly worth flying across the globe to attend her classes. Jill has improved my body language and workplace communication skills. I highly recommend her."
Mia K.
International Public Health​

Current Deals

Group Seminar Special 

6-10 People

3 Hour Session 

Location: Dedham, MA

Book now and receive a 10% discount 

2020 Professional Development Programs

I will be Co-Teaching with Marjorie North at Harvard University in 2020.  We will be hosting a 2 day Professional Development Program.  Check the website for details:


Using tools and techniques to become effective communicators is something we often forget to do.  In my classes, seminars, professional development programs and individual sessions we slow your world of communication down. We take the time to analyze your personal approach to communication, while working towards improving your weaknesses and building upon your strengths.  


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